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Underage drinking is a national problem that is best addressed on the local level, community by community, family by family, person by person. Being informed is the first step to a solution.

Coalition News is a free e-newsletter published monthly by The Coalition to keep the community informed about prevention initiatives in Tiverton. We'll keep you up to date about underage alcohol and substance abuse in Tiverton, provide prevention tips and strategies you can use every day and offer links to other prevention resources in every issue.

Latest Issue — January 2017-Issue 2

A New Year’s Resolution: Making A Meaningful Difference

January 2017-Issue 1

Setting the Record Straight – Social Media Messaging on Marijuana

December 2016-Issue 2

Family Meals: A Proven Way to Help Prevent Underage Substance Use

December 2016-Issue 1

Marijuana Edibles: New Risk for Young Kids, Threat to Public Health

November 2016-Issue 2

Stressed-Out Teens: A Cause for Concern and Action

November 2016-Issue 1

5 More Years: Two Federal Grants Bring More than $800,000 to Tiverton.

Summer 2016

A Look Back: Tiverton’s DFC Grant from 2011 to 2016
Rebecca's Notes - Sustainability, Will it Last?

June 2016

Teen’s Summer: More Freedom, More Relaxation, More Risks
Rebecca's Notes - The Waiting Game Has Begun
Tons of Teen Activities at TPL
Take the "How Well Do You Know Your Teen Quiz"
No Vaping Zones Become Law in RI

May 2016

Prevention Milestone: FDA to Regulate E-cigs, Hookah Pens, Flavored Cigars
Rebecca’s Notes – Being Aware of What’s Out There Is Key
Nothing to do? Click!
4 Simple Steps to a Safe Prom Plan 

April 2016

Vaping: A New Way to Sell Dependence and Addiction to Youth
Rebecca’s Notes - Selling Addiction to teens
Giving Back - April is National Volunteer Month
A Must-Attend Parent Event on Vaping

February 2016

Separating Perception from Reality: A Different Way to Learn
Rebecca's Notes - Prevention Efforts Off to a Good Start in 2016
Good News RI! - The NSDUH Report
Are You Smarter Than a High-Schooler?

January 2016

A Purple Opportunity to Support Drug-Free Teens: January 25 to 29
Rebecca's Notes - It Takes a Community to Keep Teens Drug-Free
Coming Next Month- OTC Homeschooling Kit

December 2015

A Family Promise: A Gift That Keeps Giving All Year Long
Rebecca's Notes - Project Purple Comes to Tiverton
Holiday Mocktails
Popcorn Lungs

November 2015

Prevention in Action: Snapshot of a Coalition Meeting
Rebecca's Notes - Community Involvement for the Coalition's Future
Holiday Trees and Prevention
June, July and December are Risky Months for Teens

October 2015

Colds, Flus and Teachable Moments for OTC Medicine Safety
Rebecca’s Notes - Sustainability
At It Again? Tobacco Tactics
Grandparents: Tips from CDC on OTC

September 2015

THS Gets Good Grades for Positive School Environment
Rebecca's Notes - Energy Drinks and Kids
MiO Energy: Unsafe for Kids

July-August 2015

Looking Back, Looking Ahead: Sustainability is the Community’s Challenge
Blueprint for Success: How to Strengthen the Prevention Infrastructure in Tiverton
Six THS Students Explore the Life of an Athlete at Lake Placid 

June 2015

Reducing Summer Risks for Teens with an Extra Dose of Protective Factors
New Study - Teen Drinking Changes the Brain
Rebecca’s Notes - THS Tiger Games a Big Hit
Nothing to Do? Think Again.

May 2015

Prevention Strategies Show Results, But Still Plenty of Work to be Done
Rebecca’s Notes - Building Community Communications Partnerships
Christina Bebe Awarded First Dr. William White Prevention Scholarship

Vaping Tricks, Really?

April 2015

Building an E-Prevention Network in Tiverton...with help from our friends
Rebecca’s Notes - Prom Season is Upon Us
Talking with Teens
Distraction Dot Gov

March 2015

Marijuana Edibles: New Risk for Young Kids, Threat to Public Health
Rebecca's Notes - Coalition Accepting Dr. White Prevention Scholarship Applications
Newport County Marijuana Forum
THS Zombies Kick Butts at RI State House

February 2015

Report on Behavioral Health of RI Teens Raises Several Red Flags
Rebecca’s Notes - RI Well represented in Washington, D.C.
Pride & Compassion
“SAD” Teens
$500 Scholarship Update

January 2015

RI Tops All Other States for Marijuana Use.“Experts” don’t know why.
Rebecca's Notes-Coalition Headed to Washington, D.C.
E-Cigarette Use Climbs Among Teens
The “Post Your Purple” Raffle
Winter Wonderland - January 24th

December 2014

Tiverton Residents and Businesses Invited to Paint the Town Purple
Rebecca's Notes - The Coalition Thanks Tiverton for its Support
Holidays, Alcohol and Teens
Navy Seals and Tiger Pride

November 2014

Coalition Seeks “Prevention Partnerships” with Local Organizations
Rebecca's Notes - A Toast to Making Healthy Decisions!
Preventing Medicine Abuse: 3 Easy Steps Every Parent Can Take
Kids, Families, Goats and Tigers: A Halloween Tale of Community Service

October 2014

Tiverton’s Prevention Strategy for FY15: Support, Engage, Educate
Rebecca's Notes - Prevention Works!
New Scholarship Honors Dr. White
An Uncomfortable Topic - Dating Abuse
Free Faith Community Handbooks

July/August 2014

The Coalition’s View: We must take a stand – Rhode Island must do more to prevent alcohol and substance abuse
Teen Substance Use in Tiverton: What We Know – Highlights from Tiverton Health and Wellness Survey 2014
Smoke Alarm: THS Students Offer Straight Talk to Parents about Marijuana
Excerpt from Smoke Alarm – Straight Talk: Talk to Your Kids
Meet the TMS and THS Student Assistance Counselor – Parents, Keep Edith in mind during the new school year

June 2014

First Time Use of Alcohol and Marijuana by Teens Surges in Summer
Rebecca's Notes – Teen Substance Abuse Rises in Summer
Tiverton Package Stores: Partners in Summer Prevention
Tools for Parents: Help for Talking About Alcohol and Marijuana

May 2014

Substance Abuse Prevention for Preschoolers? Best Time to Start!
Rebecca's Notes – School Bus Drivers Key to Prevention Efforts
Buzzed Driving
Introducing the Family Time Program in Tiverton

April 2014

Tiverton’s Student Assistance Counselor Offers Emotional Safety Net for Students
Rebecca's Notes – Above the Influence at THS
Spoiler Alert: Barbie is NOT Real

March 2014

Youth Committee Report: Self-Medication, Drugged Driving: Key Marijuana Issues Faced by Tiverton Teens
Rebecca's Notes – Marijuana-Related Bills in State Legislature
Student-Driven Prevention Off to a Great Start at THS

February 2014

Expert advice for Tiverton youth on achieving peak performance: Feb. 27
Around the Country: Washington Weed
Rebecca's Notes — Recreational Marijuana in RI?
Tiger Hunting in Tiverton

January 2014

Tiverton's Prevention Initiatives Go Well Beyond Tiverton
Around the Country: Home Grown Ordinances
Rebecca's Notes — Keep the Marijuana Legalization Discussion Going with Legislators
Practicing Prevention: Dating Violence
Upcoming Event: The Life of an  Athlete

December 2013

UnMarketers Launch Peer-to-Peer Prevention Program at THS
Around the Country: “Vaping” on the rise
Rebecca's Notes — A Year of Progress
Practicing Prevention: Holiday Myths

October 2013

10 Community Leaders Focus on Reducing Marijuana Risks in Tiverton
Around the Country: Rx High
Rebecca's Notes - Family Dinners Part of Good Prevention Strategies
Practicing Prevention: Molly Alert!

July/August 2013

Tiverton Marijuana Summit: Assess Risks, Prevent Harm, Get Involved
Summit Attendees
What did Summit Attendees Think?
The Right Messages About Marijuana for Tiverton Youth
Rebecca's Notes – A Community Approach to Prevention
Bone Up on the Latest MJ Facts

May 2013

Tiverton Marijuana Summit to Focus on “Unintended Consequences”
Rebecca's Notes – Local Legislators committed to Marijuana Summit
Practicing Prevention – Chapter 8!
Around the Country – Bad Energy

April 2013

Coalition Planning “DFC Tiverton Marijuana Summit” for June
Rebecca's Notes – TPC Statement on Marijuana Legislation
Around the Country – Dying Off-Road
Practicing Prevention – 255 Tons?

March 2013

Rand Study: Black Market Won’t Go Away if Pot is Taxed and Regulated
Around the Country – RI Targeted!
Rebecca's Notes – Dangers with Synthetic Marijuana
Practicing Prevention – How Young?

February 2013

THS Students Unveil “Un-Marketing Weed” Program to RI State Legislators
Around the Country–Top Shelf
Rebecca's Notes–Ocean State Prevention Alliance Hosts Legislative Briefing
Practicing Prevention–Parents Tune In

January 2013

Renowned Psychologist/Comedian to Talk about Parenting Teens on Jan 31
Around the Country–Rx
Rebecca's Notes–The Medical Marijuana Debate
Practicing Prevention–Drug Take Back

December 2012

MPA: Delay Enactment of Medical Marijuana Legislation or Wild West Begins
Rebecca’s Notes – Family Holiday Traditions are Important
Practicing Prevention – Tequila?
Around the Country – Spice

November 2012

The Perfect Storm: Tiverton Teens and Medical Marijuana
Practicing Prevention – Text This!
Rebecca's Notes – Un-Marketing Weed Program at THS
Around the Country – Brainless


October 2012

Un-Marketing Weed Program Kicks Off in November at THS
Rebecca's Notes – Youth Speak Out: Clear, Confident and Courageous
Around the Country – Pediatrician's Role in Preventing Underage Drinking
Practicing Prevention – Parent Power


September 2012

The Coalition Speaks Out...When Famous Teens Get Caught Drinking: What Can Tiverton Learn?
Un-Marketing Weed Program at THS
Rebecca's Notes – Underage Drinking Affects Us All
Around the Country – Weed & IQs
Practicing Prevention – Myth Busters
Tiverton Rx Drug Take Back, September 29th


June 2012

Area Clergy Commended for Prevention Efforts in Communities
Miss the Town Hall Meeting?
Rebecca's Notes – Faith-based communities, our partners in prevention
Practicing Prevention – Teachers and coaches can play a vital role in influencing student attitudes
Around The Country – Bath Salts, a "legal way to get high" in some states


May 2012

Town Hall Meeting on Underage Drinking and Marijuana Use
Tiverton Police Department Adds DRE Capacity
Rebecca's Notes ­ Underage Drinking is Not Inevitable
Practicing Prevention ­ Preventing Alcohol and Drug Related Tragedies with "Protective Factors"
Around The Country ­ New State Farm Insurance Survey Results on Teens and Road Safety

April 2012

Chief Blakey’s Rx for Prescription Drug Abuse: Vigilance
Rebecca's Notes – Teens Believe Rx Drugs Are “Safe”
Around The Country – Americans participate in the U.S. DEA’s National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day
Practicing Prevention – 5 Good Reasons to Have Family Dinners


March 2012

Tiverton Gets $625 Thousand Drug Free Communities Grant
Rebecca's Notes – Anti-Smoking Campaign Success Proves Prevention Efforts Work
Around The Country – Teens, Marijuana and Distracted Driving
Practicing Prevention – Research Shows Parents Hold The Key To Preventing Underage Drinking
Tiverton Stats – THS Survey On 30-Day Past Use For Alcohol And Marijuana


December 2011

Tiverton Has It Covered! Volunteering Reduces Drug Use
Chris Herren, Author Of “Basketball Junkie” To Speak At Tiverton High School
Sheila Kauffmann Named New Community Service Learning Coordinator For TPC
Bah Humbug! Depression And Alcohol Abuse During The Holidays
Top Tips For Hosting A Safe Holiday Party


November 2011

What Is The Tiverton Prevention Coalition?
Tiverton Prevention Coalition Receives Drug Free Community Grant
Coalition Starts Third Year Of EUDL Grant
Coalition Praises Liquor Stores For Combating Underage Drinking
Tips For Parents On How To Prevent Rx Drug Abuse
Good Parenting Is Prevention