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5 ways YOU can help prevent and reduce underage drinking and substance abuse in Tiverton.

  • Stay informed. Sign up to receive our monthly e-newsletter, Coalition News.

  • Attend Coalition events. Keep an eye out for the Coalition's Around Every Cornerseries. We bring experts in the fields of adolescent development, addiction and prevention to Tiverton to inform and mobilize the community to focus on the dangers kids face "around every corner" and how we, as a community, can reduce the risks kids face every day.

  • Boost "Protective Factors. "Evidence-based prevention programs show that we can create an environment that protects kids from alcohol and substance abuse. For example, effective parenting, eating meals together, building self-esteem, extracurricular school programs, faith-based youth programs, active youth organizations like Little League, Soccer, and Scouting and community-sponsored youth programs — all are proven help to "protect" kids from alcohol and substance abuse. The more wholesome, supervised activities kids have to choose from, the less likely they are to become victims of alcohol and substance use.

  • Talk to kids about alcohol and drugs. And the earlier you start talking, the better! According to, of those teens who reported alcohol use, a majority (62 percent) said they had their first full alcoholic drink by age 15, not including sipping or tasting alcohol. Of those teens who reported alcohol use, one in four (25 percent), said they drank a full alcoholic drink for the first time by age 12 or younger. Talk early. Talk often. It's great prevention. For valuable tips, visit Time to Talk.

  • Become an active Coalition member. The Coalition has several working committees including Media and Marketing, Data and Evaluation, Parent and Community Engagement, Sustainability and Cultural Competency. If you have an interest or experience in any of these areas, let us know! Some Chair positions are available and we can always use more hands and experience to expand our capacity in each of these vital areas.

There are also opportunities to volunteer for special Coalition projects. If interested, please send us an e-mailand we'll let you know about opportunities to serve. Of course, if you have an idea for a project to prevent and reduce underage drinking and substance abuse, we'd love to hear from you!

You choose how much time you'd like to spend as a volunteer member. Every minute counts!

"It is easy to assign to someone else responsibility for changing public attitudes toward underage drinking and for reducing its prevalence. However, the responsibility for preventing and reducing underage alcohol use belongs to everyone in America. ...Cooperation, coordination, and collaboration among parents, schools, communities, private sector organizations, governmental entities, and young people themselves all will be required."
—The Surgeon General's Call to Action to Prevent and Reduce Underage Drinking, 2007