The Coalition's History

The early years of The Coalition reflect the work of a "task force." The Coalition funded and supported many drug, alcohol and smoking prevention programs that were focused primarily on youth, teachers, law enforcement and parents.

Between 1999 and 2001, The Coalition entered a transition period that reflected a statewide shift in prevention methodology. The new model mandated evidence-based program planning and evaluation. Each prevention program had to address assessed community needs. Each program also had to have specific, measurable goals. While RISAPA funds continued to support existing programs in Tiverton, including positions for Student Assiatants, few new programs were executed.

In 2002, The Coalition adopted the evidence-based model for prevention programs. It funded a comprehensive, 18-month community needs assessment, which identified high-priority needs within the community. Looking ahead, The Coalition outlined specific, measurable goals that would be used to evaluate the effectiveness of prevention efforts.

The Task Force became "The Tiverton Prevention Coalition" in 2008. With the name change, we also re-focused our purpose from simply funding prevention programs to bringing community groups together - as a coalition - to share the goal of substance abuse prevention.

Our History of Prevention:

      1988 - 2000      2005 - Present